“Culture and the future” foundation

“Culture and the future” foundation, recently opened in St-Petersburg aims to implement a number of very ambitious projects that can influence the future. It may sound too unusual, but its founders really set such a goal. Initially the three projects were launched. First, on the basis of very popular among amateur and professional musicians AudioMusic internet magazine it will be started a new project able to attract attention of many music lovers. It is oriented on young people for whom genres of pop music are no longer subject of interest. The goal of the project is to change for them classical music from the “passed away into history” to the “very interesting to learn” and let them develop themselves on the basis of its most perfect form. According to the objectives of the project, the ability to understand classical music is very important, and the way how we hear, feel and perceive is what this project focuses on. If a person loves and understands classical music, there is constant need to have it in his life and to change and develop himself with the help of it. As opposite to pragmatic modern culture of consumption imposed on us, the classical music is a product of old European civilization, it achieved perfectness in its most traditional forms. This pragmatism affects classical music so that it can be sold now. But this way does not lead to true feelings and deep emotions and music lovers will not benefit from it. The main objective of the project is to make public love, need and have keen interesm23t in the classical music.

Second, the foundation “Culture and the future” started maintaining many young musicians including the Youth Symphony orchestra of Saint-Petersburg consisting of the conservatory students. Since its foundation three years ago, the orchestra has become a really professional group of musicians that could perform on the same professional level as the other professional orchestras with a long history of performing. Its repertoire and tickets at low prices make orchestra concerts available to wide public, that receives unique opportunity to share great music experience listening to the masterpieces of classical music.

m24And third, the foundation is aimed at popularization of the music of talented composer Avet Terteryan (1929-1994). Usually, regardless of composer’s achievements, it is responsibility of a country where he was born to promote and popularize his musical output. For example, we would never witness a great demand for the instrumental and vocal performing art and, generally, an increasing interest to the classical music in Germany, Austria, France and some other European countries, if these countries did not put so much effort in promoting music and artistic achievements of their outstanding composers and performers. Promoting the classical culture of our country, making it receive the recognition it deserves, we should first of all introduce the names of our masters. Many of them lived in Soviet epoch, created real masterpieces of incredible depth and beauty and overwhelming emotional intensity, and later their names were unfairly forgotten by large public. On the opinion of Lev Shulman, a member of the board of the foundation, Avet Terteryan is the composer whose output will be understood only in the future. “Terteryan’s Time” is a part of the project launched by the foundation. By the way, Lev Shulman is a pupil of Terteryan. Numerous concerts and cultural events will be held in the frames of this project; they are aimed to popularize the music of the master and draw closer attention of music lovers to it. The foundation actively organizes and supports cultural projects, sets and achieves goals in the public cultural sphere. Worth mentioning is the name of Karen Mktrchyan, the Head of the Regional Armenian National-Cultural Autonomy of St-Petersburg and the churchwarden of Armenian Apostolic Church. This very busy man will always find time to visit a concert or money to support a project that he considers important for public cultural development. The earnest of success of the foundation is that the people who manage its activities are not only led by pragmatic principles, but they also believe that Faith is life and Culture is future.